Building power for the working class.

More Perfect Union’s advocacy journalism mission is built on a simple credo: “Building power for the working class.” Here’s what that means:

We report on the real struggles and challenges of the working class from a working class perspective, and we attempt to connect those problems to potential solutions.

We report on the abuses and wrongdoing of corporate power, and we seek to hold accountable the ultra-rich who have too much power over America’s political and economic systems.

A bit more about us:

  • We’re a non-profit: Our reporting will always be free. We value our editorial independence and don’t take funding from corporations or labor unions. We’d truly appreciate your financial support to help us continue and expand our work.

  • We’re a media outlet: We cover policy, labor, business, economics, and political news through a class lens, usually in video form. We try to help everyday people be seen and heard in media coverage.

  • We’re an advocacy organization: We pair our reporting with activism to help working people win policy fights. We run advocacy campaigns to hold politicians and corporations accountable and help workers win economic and political power.

We want our work to reach as many people as possible. Please share this Substack and our other coverage far and wide — thank you!

Why subscribe?

Social media can be great, but it’s dangerous to trust an algorithm to deliver you important information—especially when it’s challenging the wealthy and powerful.

We launched this Substack to create a reliable way for people to receive all of our most important stories (whether video or written), direct and unfiltered to your inbox.

We’ll never add a paywall to any of our reporting, but if you’d like to help support our work and give us the ability to produce more of it, please consider contributing and joining us as a paying member.

Where else can I find your work?

You can keep up with our work on Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook.

We have a separate email list specifically for rapid response actions and advocacy alerts with over 200,000 subscribers. You can join by visiting our website and clicking ‘Subscribe’ in the top right corner.

More information about our editorial team is here, and if you’re interested in job openings, those are here. Reach out to us anytime at

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